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The Weekly Seven: Refreshing your Home for Spring!

Spring is in full bloom!

The first signs of spring make us want to refresh our spaces (and wardrobe) to bring in a little bit of the new season into our life.

We're excited to share that we were featured in Redfin's blog post "Spring Home Decor: 27 Tips to Welcome the Season" - p.s. scroll to Tip 12 to see one of our tips!

Below we are sharing some inspiration and a few simple changes you can make in your life to bring in Spring!

From McGee & Co.

1. Declutter

There’s nothing that helps make your home (and life) feel lighter than eliminating clutter, clothes, and décor. This allows you the space to re-organize and focus on the things you love!

Here are some of our favorites that are perfect for both this new season and organization:

2. Florals and Greenery

Adding fresh florals and greenery into your space helps bring your space to life!

If you don't have a green thumb, there's some great faux florals/ greenery to choose from. I'm sharing some of my favorite below as well as some beautiful vases to go with them.

3. Lighter textiles and patterns!

Swap out the winter blankets for light-weight textiles, our Spring favorite is linen! This is also the perfect time to change your throw pillow covers to ones with a more whimsical pattern like florals or stripes.

4. Brighten your bedroom through bedding

Switch our your bedding for light colors and fun prints! We love including beige, stripes, gingham, and green when revamping bedrooms for spring!

Shop some of our favorite spring beddings below!

5. Spring Scents

Open up your windows for some fresh air and swap out your woodsy candles for crisp, clean scents. Here are some of our favorites below!

6. Begin gardening!

The perfect time to start that herb garden you've always wanted - we're doing it at our house! Head to a nearby nursery to pick up some herbs and shop some of our favorite gardening tools!

7. Switch up your wardrobe

Another way to bring in Spring to your life is by switching out your wardrobe! Bright colors, fun prints, and sandals are our favorites!

What are some of your favorite ways to transition your home for spring? Share with us in the comments!

xo - Michelle


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