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The Weekly Seven: SEM takes Texas!

If you follow us on Instagram, you saw some BTS from our recent trip to Texas!

We just got back a couple weeks ago from Austin and Round Top and had the best time! After years of following along designer trips to Round Top, we finally made our way out to our first show!

1. Miami to Austin

We did tons of research, packed our boots, and headed to the airport for a week full of fun and antiques! We booked our hotel a little too close to the event so everything in Round Top was fully booked. We decided to stay in Austin, rent a car, and have a daily mini road trip to Round Top.

2. Round Top - Day 1

We grabbed some coffee and headed on our drive up to Round Top! We spent our first day at Big Red Barn, Blue Hills, The Arbors, and The Halles. We got some amazing one of a kind pieces that we can't wait to share with you! After we finished at the shops, we headed into the small town and stopped at Lulu's Italian for an early dinner before heading back to Austin.

3. Round Top - Day 2

Put on our boots, grabbed our coffee (most important stop of the day) and headed back to Round Top! This day we visited the Warrenton side of the shops: Excess I and II, The Compound, Marburger Farm, and Bader Ranch.

4. Pilates

We love a good Pilates class in a beautiful space, we booked a class at Pilates People in Austin and can't recommend it enough! It was just what we needed.

5. Magnolia - Waco, TX

A last minute trip to Waco! We watched Fixer Upper for years and remember when they first bought the Silos so we decided to do a day trip out to Waco to visit the Silos.

6. Round Top Tips

  • Book in advance - especially your hotel! Next time, we will be staying in Round Top to enjoy the peacefulness of the farms!

  • Make dinner reservations - we got lucky and were able to find one available time slot for dinner reservations in Round Top. Next time we'll definitely be planning our dinners with time.

  • Take a sweater and umbrella! We got chilly weather and some rain but thankfully we were prepared and had everything we needed in our little van.

7. Shop similar looks

Here's similar links to what I packed on my trip! Dresses, cowboy boots, hats, and leggings (these are my go-to Lululemon dupe leggings).

We can't wait for our next trip to Round Top!

xo - Michelle


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