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The Weekly Seven: BTS at Studio

1. Design Presentations

We're preparing for our Shorely Coastal hard finish presentation coming up. Here's a sneak peek...

2. Speaking of projects...

We have a few new projects we are so excited to get started on, including a backyard with a pool house/ office addition! We still don't have a name for that project yet, any ideas?! It's a Miami, mid-century modern ranch. Here's some inspo for the project:

3. Designer on Call

We added a new service, Designer on Call, that's perfect for anyone managing and designing their own new build or remodel but are looking for our support, advice, recommendations, and professional ideas! We're just about to get started on a Designer on Call project for a Pilates studio in San Diego!

4. Shop our favorite coffee table books!

5. Sharing our discount code for affordable window treatments!

Have you seen the viral affordable custom window treatments that look just like high-end linen curtains?? We're going to be using them at The Chestnut House project! Use code STUDIOELLEMARIE for a discount and start shopping here!

6. We're gonna be hiring out!

As we grow, we want to dedicate all our time and resources to our design projects so we're going to start working with Yes Ma'am Agency for all our digital marketing! We can't wait for them to get started!

7. Something TOP SECRET!

We're working on a very exciting project at studio, and today we're starting on content for it. We'll be sharing more about this soon!

xo - Michelle


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